Great landscape lighting is the difference between a home that looks ”pretty good” at night, and a home that looks spectacular.

Many of our Clients feel that Outdoor Lighting is one of the most satisfying purchases they have ever made. When properly designed and installed, outdoor landscape lighting completely transforms the look and feel of your home’s exterior.

We offer complete lighting design, installation and service for every property and every style. Our lighting systems extend the use of your outdoor spaces well beyond daylight; the warm, soft glow of low voltage landscape lighting brings your entire landscape to life at night!  Garden lighting provides the opportunity for a skilled outdoor lighting contractor to create a work of art. A well designed system will increase the use and enjoyment of your yard and add real value to your property. We can add elegance and definition to your home, highlighting the architectural features and ensuring that your house will always stand out after sunset.


Why Install Outdoor Lighting?


Beauty – Outdoor Lighting enhances the architectural features of your home, creating texture and eye-catching appeal. It creates a welcoming, resort-like feel.

Usability – Outdoor Lighting extends your family’s enjoyable time spent outdoors. Patios, pools and play areas become gathering venues or relaxing places to unwind.

Entertainment – The soft warm glow of your landscape, barbecue and sitting areas makes your yard the place to be. Even during the long winter evenings, you can enjoy the beauty of your landscape from inside your house.

Safety & Security – A well-lit landscape guides visitors safely around your property and eliminates dark shadows where potential intruders can hide.

Value – High quality outdoor lighting enhances the value of your property by adding nighttime curb appeal and creating an exquisite first impression