Landscape Architecture

 Landscape Architecture

Landscape Architecture North Vancouver

SRP Landscaping can execute lawn, garden and landscape architecture plans that have been drawn up by a designer. After the landscape has been installed, we can make adjustments, maintain plantings, take care of weeds and pests, and perform other tasks to keep the scheme looking its best. SRP Landscaping should have detailed knowledge of weather and climate trends and conditions, and can choose plants and materials that are well suited to the area.


Garden Installations

Want a fresh look? In just a short time we can give you your dream garden! We pick the very best plants suited to your design idea & install them in your garden. Jen has spent years searching out all the best plants, shrubs and trees.  All the plants are hand picked to ensure a quality and custom garden that is truly yours.


Landscape Construction

Excavation We can make your backyard flat! We can move live trees, place large feature rocks. We can remove pavement and retaining walls with ease!


Drainage & Contouring

We are landscape drainage experts! Using special underground drainage methods and urban land contouring techniques we make sure you can enjoy every bit of your property.


Landscaping Demolition

We have the machine power to get your job done efficiently. Hedges, retaining walls, dirt and overgrown plants – we can get rid of it.